Sunday, January 15

Ahhhh Meredith How I have missed you.

IMG_3923 by susie_hellier
IMG_3923, a photo by susie_hellier on Flickr.

Attended a music festival after a ten year hiatus. It was fantastic. My soul felt rejuvinated by hearing music for three days straight. I was surrounded by a great group of people who felt like part of my tribe...

Saturday, November 5

Beautiful Cotton Tree

Beautiful Cotton Tree by susie_hellier
Beautiful Cotton Tree, a photo by susie_hellier on Flickr.

There is something so refreshing about visiting someone else. Especially when there is no time restraints, trams to catch, kids to take to school or phones to answer. I call it a holiday for the soul and that it was... Ah little pieces of heaven are nice even if only for a week once a year.

Sunday, October 16

Gardening inspiration

IMG_1037 by susie_hellier
IMG_1037, a photo by susie_hellier on Flickr.

I have never been a green thumb..far from it actually but recently ( possibly the impending middle age) I am really drawn to this gentle activity. This incredible orchid was is a masterpiece of my mother in law, and they are simply stunning. One day maybe my little garden will have such elegant beauties.

Thursday, October 13

ONA | Leather Camera Bag | Camera Bags for Women

ONA | Leather Camera Bag | Camera Bags for Women

This is my dream bag... It is on my wish list for christmas or maybe I will just dream about it!!

Sunday, October 9

homemade lemon tart

homemade lemon tart by ant-o-rama
homemade lemon tart, a photo by ant-o-rama on Flickr.

I made this lemon tart as a birthday gift to my mum... So simple and so yummy and because it has no crust it makes it really quick if there is just not enough time in the day. It is from Bill Granger. Thanks BIll it is indeed very pretty when you add some blueberries and icecream.

Saturday, October 1

Some things pretty .... pretty

Untitled by AMM blog
Untitled, a photo by AMM blog on Flickr.

I just love the look of this room. The simpleness and clean lines makes me crave space and my old art deco flat back.

Thursday, September 29

heaven in the AM

heaven in the AM by susie_hellier
heaven in the AM, a photo by susie_hellier on Flickr.
This is the place I think I love most in the world. Big call considering I have seen some pretty amazing places. There is something about Tallows beach that makes me feel like I am home.  The first morning of our holidays in Byron are always marked by an early morning walk on the beach. And this is what greets me. It always takes my breath away.
I need to take a virtual visit there today as Melbourne has turned on winter with rain and hail.
Ahhhhhh happy place how I love thee

Wednesday, September 28


IMG_0482 by susie_hellier
IMG_0482, a photo by susie_hellier on Flickr.

We have an over abundance of lemons at the moment and I have had a family member throw down the challenge of a "tart" off... bring it on I say!


Happinesss by susie_hellier
Happinesss, a photo by susie_hellier on Flickr.

My sunday was filled with moments like this. The sun was shining, my girls were happy and the parks were calling. We had the most delightful morning!

New Camera

So here is one of the shots I took from my newest baby... The EOS D600. I have a HUGE amount to learn but hey one day at a time and with the assistance of all those very talented photographers I know, I am sure I will be up and shooting in no time but for now it is nice just to capture what is in my heart at the instant the button is pressed. This is one of my faves.

Sunday, August 7

Thursday, November 26

Tallows Beach at Sunset

Originally uploaded by susie_hellier
This was a gorgeous evening and the light was divine!

Monday, September 28

Best buddies from pretty much birth!

Sunday, June 22

Where to Begin October 31st 2003

Along came Miss Scarlet Harper Flynn - Five and half weeks early weighing around 6Ilbs just and very yellow.